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Creation or Evolution

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1v1

This is the first verse of the bible. We believe it to be true, that God did indeed create the whole universe and everything in it. As a result we are accountable to Him. It is our opinion that the theory of evolution is based on philosophical thinking rather than scientific reasoning, and has no solid evidence to support it.

It fails to answer the big questions of life: Why are we here? How did it all begin? What will happen in the future? Why is there good and evil in the world?

Please check out the following links to consider more:

Does God believe in atheists?– John Blanchard. MP3 audio link- sermon based on his best selling book.

Creation– 9 simple lessons by Ian Campbell. These pages are part of the Hebron Gospel Hall, South Shields website.

The Case for a Creator– Documentary video by former journalist and atheist Lee Strobel. Far from being the enemy of faith, science provides a solid foundation for believing in God. New discoveries in such scientific disciplines as cosmology, cellular biology, astronomy, physics and DNA research are pointing to the incredible complexity of our universe, a complexity best explained by the existence of a Creator.

Evolution: impossible! – 3 minute video which argues that science disproves the evolution theory.

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